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KSP-HH0002 - Ksport Hydraulic Hand Brake / E-Brake
w/ 5/8" Reservoir

Install Kit - Incl. (2) 24'' Stainless Steel Lines
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The Ksport high quality Hydraulic Hand Brake is a necessity for any drift or rally vehicle. The lever can be used in either a normal or upright position by simply changing the handle position by undoing one bolt. The hand brake is available with either a 3/4'' or 5/8'' reservoir. For any type of OEM brakes you would use the 5/8'' size. This still includes upgrading your OEM brakes to a larger size from a different vehicle. If you have an aftermarket big brake kit then you would chose the 3/4'' size.

Drifting and rally driving requires extensive use of the hand brake, and eliminates the weaknesses in standard cable type hand brakes. This hydraulic hand brake requires a lot less force to lock the rear brakes when desired.

·        Brand new in factory box with all hardware and instructions.

·        Can be used either horizontal or vertical.  Simply undo one bolt to switch from horizontal to vertical or vice versa.

·        Available in 5/8'' or 3/4'' reservoir.

5/8'' for vehicles with any type of OEM brakes

3/4'' for vehicles with aftermarket big brake kits

·        Ksport Install Kit not included.  Install kit consists of two 24'' stainless steel braided lines and fittings.  Order one install kit for this single cylinder hand brake.

·        For off-road/racing purposes.  Not intended for street use.

·        1 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty.


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